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See below for an aggregation of my qualifications. Headers will take you to original postings (when available) so you know I'm not pulling these comments out of my ass. 

After a long hiatus from the hobby and a bad breakup in my personal life, I decided to get back in and book an appointment with Angie. Setting it up was easy, sent Angie the information she needed and we were all set. Not being from Toronto, she was very accommodating with my schedule and booked around my availability, she was even able to make a change on the day of when work got in the way.

I follow her on twitter and her personality really shines through and was the main reason I booked with her, besides the awesome pics she posts. Was super excited to finally meet her and she did not disappoint. She is very attractive and has the complete girl next door vibe going on, which I love. She looks better in person in my opinion. Sat and talked for a bit, which was very pleasant, she can hold a conversation. Hopped in the shower and we had a great time. She is all natural and has what I consider to be a perfect spinner body. I will definitely repeat the next time I am able to get to Toronto.

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March 1, 2020

With an infectious smile and an easy laugh Angie puts you instantly at ease, she is a beautiful, passionate and attentive companion.


J., review via email (you'll just have to take my word on this one).

I had a date with Angie this past week and I have to say that she is a beauty, super fun, super funny and I kid you not one of, if not the most intense BJ I have ever received. I pride myself on being a multiple shots kinda guy, and afterwards I just couldn't. I highly recommend, though honestly I want to keep her for myself.

Okay I was never sure about how many guys see good girls but don't post reviews because they're greedy, but that has to be what is happening with Angie Harlowe at Allegra.

This girl was only vaguely on my radar before, she's been at Allegra for almost 2 months now. But I just attended an Allegra social event and for me, she was the hottest girl in the room. She reminded me of a prettier Zosia Mamet, I thought she was very cute and she seemed very high energy and sociable.

[...]She's listed at 24 years old but she could pass for 19. And no reviews or mentions on TERB! You guys, really. Shame on you!

I’ve seen Angie many times, as well. This woman loves to please and be pleased; fantastic conversationalist, and a great ass to boot! 

When she starts working again give Angie Harlowe at Allegra a try.

Very pretty. Tons of passion and energy. Very personable. She enjoys the company of women. I have done 3 duos with her.

Not a review, more of a shameless self-plug where I inform you that I placed fourth in the TERB Best Independent SP of the Year Award 2019. Yes, my grandma is incredibly proud.

I recently met with Angie for a PSE/Greek session. Angie is slim and very pretty. She is very friendly and was super enthusiastic throughout our session. She also wore the outfit I requested and looked quite sexy in it.

[...] She is quite kinky and eager to play. I will definitely see her again very soon!

[Angie] has just a few reviews, all positive. Just book and go if you want to meet her. [...] Think your risk of a crappy visit with her is pretty low.

I saw her back in the day when she charged $250, great girl. You will enjoy your time with her.

I have seen Angie solo and in duo. Both occasions she was spectacular. Her Twitter gives an idea of her personality and she’s very playful.

Nomination for Best Independent SP of the Year Award 2019:

Angie Harlowe. When a girl has few reviews but is always booked, you know she's special. Probably the most sexual and passionate girl I have seen since Mercedes at Eye Candy and has brought the fun back into hobbying for me. Need to write a review one day.

Went ahead and saw Angie today, very positive experience! She's pretty, fun, intelligent, and aims to please. Really top notch in service and attitude, a classic GFE experience with room for PSE/BDSM play. Highly recommended for me, a definite repeat.


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